Thanksgiving Follow up

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and as promised, here are the results of the tips and recipes I tried.  Some better than others, but none horrible.  We did cook the turkey breast side down, as suggested in the first prize menu from  Cooking Club Magazine, and it did make the breast meat nice and moist.  The turkey, however, looked rather ugly as I flipped it back breast side up for carving.  It just seemed like too much of a challenge to carve it upside down!  I think the breast meat was moister enough to warrant cooking a turkey this way again, unless you want a pretty bird for the table.  Next on my list of things to try might be spatchcocking.

I  mixed a teaspoon of baking powder into the stuffing, as suggested by the same prize winner, and this tip didn’t seem to make a difference to me.  That being said, the stuffing did stand for a bit before being cooking in a large, shallow baking dish, so perhaps if it had been cooked right away, it might have turned out differently.  I probably won’t bother with this tip again, but then again, I’m not sure light and fluffy is a selling point for me.  At least, not with stuffing.

The succotash…. well, the rest of the family seemed to like it well enough, but I wasn’t convinced.  I like lima beans and I like corn, but this recipe somehow fell short for me.  If I was going to make succotash again, I’d try a different recipe.

Of the two puddings, I’m not sure which was my favourite.  They both feature molasses, so if you don’t like the flavour of molasses, skip them.  Due to some experimentation with the steaming of the Cranberry Pudding, it came out rather solid, but it sure tastes good.  I decided at the last minute to try cooking it in the pressure cooker, and sort of fake it.  Next time I’ll definitely be steaming on the stove in the traditional way.   I served it with a Spiced Rum Sauce off the internet (find it here.)  The Cranberry Pudding was less sweet, and the rum sauce set it off nicely, though it was nice plain too.  This pudding I will probably make again.

Mystic Pudding was also good, and the texture was sublime.  Much, much creamier than I was expecting, especially after the cooked cornmeal kind of lumped up when I added the milk and molasses.  It did end up nice and smooth after being baked.  The apples, when cooked, take on colour and some flavour from the molasses, so I kept expecting them to taste like raisins, but this pudding was really nice too.  I liked it both hot and cold.  This one was not as fancy, more of an everyday dessert, in my opinion, but again, I’ll likely make it again.

Sorry for the lack of pictures…. I never thought to take any at the time.  Perhaps I’ll get better at that part of blogging eventually….

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