Gingerbread Waffles

This morning I made Gingerbread waffles for breakfast.  Something I’d never made before, but I love gingerbread, so figured it was worth a try.  These waffles are dark, flavourful and delicious, and made my whole kitchen smell wonderful!  When they came off the waffle iron, I couldn’t decide what you’d put on gingerbread waffles, and so I ate the first one plain.  So good!!  We had homemade crab apple jelly on the rest, and the tart juicy jelly was perfect with the sweet, spicy gingerbread.

The gingerbread waffle recipe from Five Roses.

The batch is big, and the two of us didn’t have a chance of finishing them, so they have been resurrected for dessert!  When we were kids, Mom made a wonderful, moist, dark gingerbread cake from her 1960s Five Roses book, and served it with Lemon Sauce, so I consulted the Sweet Sauces section of my ’59 Five Roses and found a suitable recipe.  I stacked the waffles with the sauce between and served it like a rather unattractive layer cake

20161002_184353-01.jpegThe end result was ok, but not amazing.  Alex thought a proper icing would have been better, and he may have been right.  Proper icing certainly would have looked nicer than a cloudy, colourless sauce over a slightly crooked stack of waffles!

But overnight is when the magic happened.  The sauce soaked into the waffles, making them nice and moist, and somehow highlighting the spiciness, and the sour-sweet lemon blended well.  Not a bad breakfast at all!  I would definitely use up leftover gingerbread waffles the same way again.

Like I said…. Not all that pretty!! But it sure tasted good!


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