My Dad and his mincemeat

20161014_203343-01.jpegI figured I’d just post a quick picture of my amazing Dad, Bill, and his almost as amazing mincemeat I mentioned in the Five Roses post.  This is the Mincemeat without Suet recipe that shows up in most of the books, and it’s my favourite mincemeat ever!   He offered me a jar to take home, but I don’t want to sit down and eat a jar of mincemeat with a spoon, so I’ll wait ’til he makes his tarts. I can’t wait for mince tart season!

The most amazing part of his mincemeat (and bread, and buns, and everything else he cooks) is that when my sisters and I were little, if Mom was away, we knew that it meant porridge or scrambled eggs on toast, three meals a day, because that was all he could cook until he retired!

Yes, Dad, you’re now an internet celebrity!!


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