Last night I made biscuits to have with dinner to use up some cream and some buttermilk that I had in the fridge.   I love making biscuits.  They are something I used to sometimes make as a kid when company  was coming for lunch, usually with grated cheddar added.  I still love how quick and easy they are to whip up for a last-minute addition to dinner, or a quick and tasty hot lunch.  I turned to The Bride’s Book of Household Management to find a recipe, and they had lots.  I almost tried Popcorn Biscuits, but decided I didn’t have time to pop and crush popcorn before dinner.  Another day.

These are just a few of the biscuit recipes.  There were several pages.

I settled on Hot Biscuit, and as I said, I used a mixture of cream and buttermilk, and halved the recipe, but those were the only changes I made.  I baked them for fifteen or so minutes at 375° and they came out light, tender and golden.  Perhaps not as flaky as I’d have liked, but I may have over-mixed them.  They were still lovely biscuits, and as too often happens for me, they were gone before I thought to take a picture!

20161103_171842-01.jpegThe Bride’s Book is from the mid 1920s, and full of advertisements from Vancouver, B.C.  Most of the businesses advertising in the book appear to have long since gone out of business, but Ingledew Shoes is still around.

Most of the ads focused on ways to ease the workload for the poor new bride, and set her up as a loyal customer for years to come.


Dramatic scare tactics may have been used.
Clothing on credit.
When you’re ready for a night out!


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