It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas!

Today is a baking day.  I’ve been meaning to get around to making a Christmas Cake for a few weeks now, and finally it’s happened.  I was worried, while measuring out all the fruit, that it wouldn’t all fit into the suggested 8×8″ deep pan, but it did.  I followed the recipe fairly closely, substituting pecans for the almonds, and leaving out the candied pineapple and the dates because I didn’t have any.  I didn’t bother tracking down the called for brand of coffee.

Instructions for the cake.

Because the mound of fruit was growing, despite my omissions, I decided better safe than sorry, and prepped the 2 smaller pans in the set as well, but ended up not needing them.  I’ve left them carefully lined with parchment paper, and might have to find another recipe to make to use them.

The whole house smelled wonderful while the cake was baking, and now it’s nestled in a cake box, loving basted with a mixture of spiced rum and cherry brandy, and wrapped in cheesecloth, waiting a few weeks to be served.  I know Christmas Cake should be aged longer, but I’ve just gotten so busy that the cake kept getting postponed, but I know it will be delicious when I finally can’t wait any longer.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll top it with almond paste or just serve it plain, but I can’t wait to try it!  I love fruit cake!

20161207_162722-01.jpegThis recipe came out of the 1957 edition of The Ogilvie Cook Book.

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