More Waffles

20170105_132628-01.jpegWe are all still off on holidays, and we have a house guest, AND I have a new cookbook.  I love hot breakfasts, and will use pretty much any excuse to make what one of my books refers to as “breakfast breads,” so when I saw the cookbook had not a recipe, but a formula for waffles, that was all the excuse I needed!  On further reading, the formula wasn’t quite what I’m used to with waffles.  Caroline King, the author, asserts that waffle batter is the thinnest of all pour batters, and indeed her formula is much thinner than my usual recipe which uses one egg and 3/4 of a cup of milk to 1 cup of flour.  Caroline’s formula calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour to two eggs and two cups of milk.

20170105_132641-01.jpegWhen the batter was all mixed up and the pan was heated, I was skeptical.  I looked at my batter, not much thicker than cream, and figured after one test waffle, I’d be adding at least another cup of flour to the batter…. but guess what?  That first waffle came out beautifully!  A bit on the thin side, but thick enough to have proper dimples on the top as well as the bottom, and crisp yet tender and perfectly delicious!  I did not add additional flour, and was happy I had followed the formula properly.

It wasn’t just me who liked them, the whole batch was gone before I thought to take pictures… the story of my life.  I’m not much for sorting out adequate lighting and pretty food arrangements anyhow, so no great loss!   I will try to do better on the picture end of things in the new year, though.  TRY…. so no promises!  I hope you all had a great holiday season, whatever you celebrate.  I had planned to do lots of blogging with all my time off work, but as is too often the case, off work just means much busier than usual!  I will try to be a bit more regular with my posts in the coming year.

20170105_132722-01.jpegCaroline King’s Cook Book was published in April, 1918.  Caroline B. King was the Domestic Science Lecturer for the University Extension Society of Philadelphia.


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