Indian Meal Flappers

They didn’t look too bad!


The only reason I made these is because the title caught my eye.  It actually made me laugh out loud in the waiting room where I was passing time until my car had had it’s seat heater repaired.  Sadly, the results aren’t as funny, or even all that good, if you want the truth, in their original form.  They are basically just a cornmeal pancake, and really very dense and chewy, with not too much flavour.  After the first panful, I added a bit more milk, another handful or so of flour, and some baking powder to lighten them up a bit, and a tablespoonful of sugar to brighten the flavour just a bit.  This made them better, but still left me wishing I’d made Mrs. Wakefield’s griddle cakes!



They did all get eaten, though it took a few days.  I was originally going to throw them into the freezer until I found a recipe for cornbread stuffing and use them up in that, but my other half says they kind of grow on you.  I’m not sure about that, but they did all get eaten.  Sorry, Mrs. Beeton, this recipe, despite an amusing title, is a fail.

This recipe was found in the 1915 Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management.

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