Kitchen Fun

20170210_161618-01.jpegKitchen Fun is a darling little 1932 cook book for children that proclaims it teaches children how to cook successfully.  It was written by
Louise Price Bell, and while just 28 pages long, it contains 2 dozen good basic recipes that seem like they would appeal to kids.  And these aren’t recipes like you see in kid’s cookbooks today.  No spreading peanut butter on an apple that mom sliced and calling it cooking.  These are real recipes for muffins, cookies, desserts and even some main dishes, like Baked Salmon Loaf, and Surprise Carrot Loaf.  Someone cooking only from this book would do okay.

Kitchen Rules

The pictures are delightful, and as there is no illustrator credited, I assume that they may have been done by the author.  There are drawings of the ingredients and quantities called for, to help pre-readers get going on cooking.  There are no cautions about parental supervision beyond having mother teach you to heat the oven.  This is more or less how I learned to cook, and while there was the occasional minor mishap, I turned out just fine, and I am a competent cook.


There are a number of recipes in this book that I want to try, but so far, I don’t think I’ve made anything from it.   The Yummy (scrambled) Eggs look good, and peanut butter cookies are a favourite, but it might be the Fairy Gingerbread I make first.  Fairy Gingerbread sounds not only delicious, but magical too, and we all need a little more magic in our lives.








  1. I love it. This old cookbook is darling and beautifully illustrated – yet so very practical. This post brings back memories of learning to cook when I was a child with the Betty Crocker Children’s Cookbook.


    • My mom still had some of my childhood cookbooks, and I have some of them. I still turn to them for old favourites. There will never be a peanut butter cookie recipe as good as the one in my very battered and stained cookie book!

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