Quirky but Delicious Cheese Sandwiches

20170324_122230-01.jpegCheese sandwiches are pretty straight forward to make.  I think we’ve all made cheese sandwiches before, and had them come out just fine.  I’ve always, always used sliced cheese, other than a brief, inexplicable period during my teens when I really loved Cheez Whiz and dill pickle sandwiches.  There is nothing wrong with sliced cheese in a sandwich, but for the sake of this blog and my own curiosity, when I saw a recipe that had you pound the grated cheese into a paste, I figured I’d better try it.

Admittedly, working the cheese into a paste was more work than just cutting a few slices, but surprisingly not that much more work.  It went quite quickly, and the resulting spread was actually quite tasty.  I used cream in the recipe, not the beer, but next time I make it, and I think there will be a next time, I will probably try it with beer even though I don’t really like beer myself.  It spread nicely, and I think it would be a nice spread on crackers or to make some kind of retro canapes for a party.  One day I will host a retro party with recipes from my old books!

The recipe from Warne’s Everyday Cookery.

Despite the quirky method for making these sandwiches, it’s worth a try.  The spices blend nicely into the cheese giving it a wonderful flavour, and it’s really not hard to do.  I used cheddar and cream, but left out the butter.  The cream and mustard gave it a nice consistency without adding the butter.  I garnished with pickles rather than parsley or cress since pickles were handy.  Yum!



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