Chocolate Sponge

The recipe leaflet was originally held into the cookbook with a straight pin.  I find recipes held into books with pins surprisingly often.

Last night I finally made a dessert I’ve  been wanting to make since I first came across it inside my 1944 Good Housekeeping Cookbook.  It’s a recipe page advertising Fry’s Cocoa and Knox Gelatine.  One side has a recipe for Chocolate Chiffon Pie, which also looks good, but the recipe that really caught my eye was for Chocolate Sponge.  Maybe it’s because I am a bit obsessed with moulded desserts.

I don’t know why I put off making it for so long, but last night was the night, and wow was it good!  I made it using an erythritol/stevia blend to keep the sugar down, but otherwise made no changes and it was perfect!  It’s dairy free (as long as you don’t add the whipped cream) gluten-free, grain free, and easily adaptable to be diabetic friendly or low carb.  A great dessert to make for those hard to cook for people (I’m looking at you, MOM!) who you like to have over for dinner sometimes.

It’s divinely chocolatey, not too sweet, and fairly light while still being decadent.  It was surprisingly easy to make, despite, in my opinion, being quite glamorous.  Anything from a mould is glamorous!  My only problem was getting it out of the mould.  I used the hot water dip method that I use for moulded jellies, and it worked, but took several tries, which is why you can see some melting happening around the edges.  I’ll have to work on a way to get it out more easily and neatly.

The Recipe

The recipe seems to have originated in a 1927 Knox cookbook, but I’m guessing my recipe page dates to around the same time as the book I found it in, mid 40s sometime.  As you can see the packaging has changed a fair bit!


Below is the other side of the recipe leaflet.



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