Rice Pudding so Easy a Child Could Make It

20170326_092428-01.jpegI have rice pudding in the oven to have for dessert.  Rice pudding was what I’d planned on making, but I was planning on using my Instant Pot to make my usual quick rice pudding, but I had The Mary Frances Cook Book in front of me, and decided to see if she has a recipe for rice pudding.  Sure enough, she does, and it’s so different from any I’ve made before, I decided to try it.

It’s basic, just your typical rice, milk and sugar, but it calls for such a small amount of rice, that I was curious to see how it turns out.  Mary Frances made the rice pudding to have with Father and her brother Billy for lunch, so I am assuming that it makes enough for three, but it has only 3 tbsp of rice in 4 cups of milk.  It’s only just gone into the oven, so I’ll have to pause and finish this post after dinner.

In the meantime, I’ll give you the recipe.


Incredibly creamy, soft rice pudding.

And for how it turned out….


The resulting rice pudding was very soft, and smoother than many rice puddings I’ve eaten.  While it was certainly not thick, not at all thick, it was thicker than I expected, and the nutmeg gave it a lovely, delicate flavour.  I love nutmeg.  It required almost no work, being in the oven the whole time.  I will make this rice pudding again, and perhaps try it with the shaving of lemon rind suggested, or different spicing.  I really enjoy cardamom in rice pudding, or cinnamon.  It’s also much nicer with the raisins than without, in my opinion.  I have always liked raisins.

This is definitely a comfort food pudding that I will be making again.


The Mary Frances Cook Book – Adventures Among the Kitchen People is a quirky little book about a little girl learning to cook with the help of kitchen utensils that come to life and guide her through a series of dishes, starting with toast – and buttered toast is the second recipe! – and finishing with a whole dinner for her mother who has been away throughout the entire book.  The menu for the dinner is:


Potato Soup

Pan-broiled Steak

Creamed Cabbage                     Mashed Potatoes

Tomato and Lettuce Salad

Banana Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce



The recipes proceed in a logical manner, and cover a number of basic dishes, and all the courses.  It’s a rather neat book, though a bit bizarre in places.

The Mary Frances Cook Book was the first of a series of Mary Frances Books written by Jane Eayre Fryer.  It was published in 1912.  All pictures, other than my rice pudding, are from the book.




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