Bird’s Nests – an interesting breakfast idea

20170325_070712-01.jpegThere are countless ways to make eggs for breakfast, and I’ve been seeking out some of the more unusual ones featured in my old cookbooks to try.  The recipe for bird’s nests seemed to fit the bill.

The idea behind them is simple enough; separate the eggs, beat the whites, and pile them onto buttered toast, leaving a hole for the yolk in the center, then bake for a few minutes.  They were every bit as easy to make as they sound.  The biggest problem I had was that I forgot to check that the oven was up to heat before I put them in.  They were so quick to make that the oven had only just started heating up, which I think is why the meringue looks a little shrivelled.


They only took a few minutes to bake, though the yolks remained runny.  My loyal helper Butterbone sat hopefully by the oven door, hoping they were for him, or at least that I’d drop one, but no luck.  The meringue was light and spongy, and the yolks were quite runny, which in some people’s opinion is a plus.  I fried my eggs hard!  My other half thought they were interesting, but again, he likes the plain old fried egg on toast best.


These I might make again,  but not for sure.  They were okay, but not outstanding, unless you’re looking for unusual egg presentation.  The recipe is below.  I added crumbled bacon bits on top, because bacon makes everything better!

Birds’ Nests

Have prepared slices of buttered toast, and on each slice put the beaten white of an egg in the shape of a bird’s nest.  In the center place the yolk, seasoning with a small piece of butter, salt and pepper.  Bake in a quick oven until the whites are delicately browned.

The Institute Cook Book was written by Helen Cramp and published in 1913.  My copy was owned Marjory of Ocean Falls, B.C., who appears to have acquired it in October of 1931.  Marjory wrote many recipes into the book, including Apple Pan Dowdy, Green Tomato Pickles (which were apparently a favourite), Kiss Torte, and the Lazy Daisy Cake I made for my little sister’s birthday back in November.  That was a really great cake!

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