Bachelor Buttons

Mrs. John Scott contributed the recipe for Bachelor Buttons to The New Galt Cookbook.  There is a whole chapter for cookies, and I have to admit that I picked this one mainly because it was the first one that I came across that didn’t require rolling and cutting out with cutters, and while I do like making cut out cookies from time to time, I didn’t have time to do that yesterday before another trip to Butchart Gardens.  The cookies were a last-minute decision, and I barely had time to get them baked before we left.

The famous Sunken Garden in May.

Butchart Garden is spectacular in May; I have never seen so many different colours and shapes of tulips.  The sweet, lightly almond flavoured cookies made a nice snack among the flowers.  The leftovers I took to a plant sale put on by my Ranger unit.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Canadian Girl Guides, Rangers are the oldest level of girls, 15 to 18 year olds.  The last of the cookies disappeared quickly, and without a trace as I forgot to get any pictures of them!


The cookies were delicious.  Everyone who tried them agreed.  I think they would be great with any flavouring, but I really liked the almond.  The best part about them is how easy they are to make; only 4 ingredients, plus the flavouring extract, and then just roll them into balls and bake them.  I baked my batch for about 15 minutes at 375°f, and they were perfect.  I started by cutting the soft butter into the flour like I would for pastry, then added the egg mixed with the sugar, and then the flavouring.  I kneaded the resulting dough for a few minutes to get it all evenly mixed, and then it was ready to go.

Here is the recipe:


Bachelor Buttons

One cupful flour, two heaping tablespoonfuls of butter (not melted), one cupful white sugar beaten with an egg, one teaspoonful almond flavouring, roll in the hand and dip in white sugar.  Put on buttered paper and bake.

It’s really that simple!

The New Galt Cook Book was compiled by Margaret Taylor and Frances McNaught in 1898 in Galt, Ontario, Canada.  My copy has many recipes handwritten in the back of the book in lovely, but hard to read, old-fashioned script.

Puzzle Pudding Recipe

Puzzle Pudding

20 tablespoon flour, pinch salt, 4 teaspoon sugar, 4 teaspoon carbonate soda, four teacup jam, 4 teaspoon milk.  Mix all together, steam 3 hours, serve with lemon sauce.

Please note that the above recipe is a guess based on what the writing seems to say.  I haven’t tried it, and I’m not entirely sure it makes sense, or is even close to write.  If you have any suggestions or corrections, please feel free to comment!


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