Life has been happening…

I have been neglecting this blog lately, and I would like to apologize for that.  Mainly to myself, since I enjoy writing it and I’ve not been making time for that lately.  Things are getting busy at work as the school year winds down, and my partner has been away in Europe for work and visiting family.  As well, we’ve been celebrating birthdays and anniversaries (Congratulations on 50 years together, Mom and Dad!) and a few family emergencies as well.  Busy times!!

But, just to brag a bit, now that my blog has gotten so big and famous, I’ve been noticed by the movers and shakers, and have been asked by the president of the Lantzville Historical Society to do some old fashioned baking for the grand opening of their new location.  The president, also known to me as Mom, figures there will be at least a dozen people there, maybe more, so this could be my big break!!

Ha ha, seriously, though, I’m looking forward to an excuse to try a few new recipes for them to serve as refreshments at their opening, and I’ll be blogging about the recipes I use.  I’m thinking a candy recipe will make the cut, and a few cookie recipes, and perhaps a square or scone… we’ll see.  Check back for updates and new recipes!



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