Slapjack Sandwiches

Slapjack Sandwiches, while pretty basic, are quick and easy and not bad at all.  They are featured in the Teen-age and Junior Cooks section of the Vancouver Sun’s 10th Annual Cook Book, but we’ve had them a couple of times now, and they are good.

I can see how they would be a great thing to teach young cooks just beginning to learn their way around the kitchen, but they are so fast and easy, they may end up a staple for fast breakfasts here.

While a scrambled or poached egg is still my favourite, these have a benefit over scrambled or poached in that the egg is firmly affixed to the toast, without becoming part of the toast, so once they are cooked you can either pick them up and eat them as is, or you could use a second piece of toast (or the other half of the bagel) and add some more toppings to make a proper breakfast sandwich.

Teach your kids to make this as an easy breakfast.  Or make it yourself, you might just find a new favourite!



Slapjack Sandwiches:  1 egg for each eater, 1 slice of bread for each egg, butter or bacon fat.  Heat the fat in the frying pan.  Drop the eggs, not more than four at a time, into the fat and then immediately slap a slice of bread right down on top of each egg.  When the egg is cooked, use the egg lifter to turn the sandwich over add brown the bread side.  The finished product is served, egg side up, with tomato, pickles and potato chips.


Slapjack Sandwiches are suggested as “eats for the Gang!”  The Vancouver Sun’s 10th Annual Cook Book was published in the mid 1940s, shortly after the war, and edited by Edith Adams, a fictional homemaker who had a column in the Vancouver Sun from 1924 to 1999. There is a bit more information about this cookbook here.


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