A Seasonal Breakfast Dish

I have a little book of breakfast suggestions, one for every day of the year, excepting February 29.  Books of this age (approximately 1901) tend to keep to things in season, which is nice.  They did it because there were few other options – lamb simply wasn’t available out of season, though now we can buy it pretty much year round.  I try to keep to foods in season, particularly produce, simply because it tends to be fresher, better quality, and more affordable, as well as having a lower environmental impact.

Some of the recipes I’ve never heard of, but then, I guess that was the point of the book – to give people new breakfast ideas.  Polpetti, Nun’s Toast, Bobble Gash and Tripe with Oysters may not be on your regular menu, but maybe they should be.  They are, for the most part, more labour intensive than I like for my breakfasts, but to each their own.

The recipe for today’s date is Mock Sausage.  I’m not sure why it’s mock sausage, and I’ve not tried it, so I don’t know just how sausage-like it is, but it doesn’t sound too bad.  Many old cookbooks have “mock” recipes.  I’m sure most people have at least heard of  Mock Turtle Soup (made, I believe, with a calf’s head.)  I’ve also seen recipes for Mock Goose, Mock Cherry Pie, Mock Pigeons, Mock Cream, Mock Crab, and Mock Hare Soup, among others.  The copy cat recipes seem to mainly be to replace a more expensive or hard to find dish with something more readily available.  In some cases, it’s a vegetarian option, but my vegetarian niece wasn’t willing to try Mock Goose, which actually sounded like a stuffing loaf, which might actually be pretty tasty.

The Mock Sausage recipe from 365 Breakfast Dishes is as follows:

November 1 – Mock Sausage 

Chop 1 lb of cold beef fine; add 3 tablespoonfuls of mashed potatoes, 1 egg, 1 tablespoonful of flour and a small slice of moistened bread; stir all together; add salt, pepper and a little sage.  Make in small cakes and fry first on one side and then the other.

These sound like they could be pretty tasty, and a good way to use up leftovers.  I might increase the spicing a little, but over all, maybe worth trying at some point.

I have similar recipes in a few books.  Here is one of them, from The Olio Cookery Book.

Mock Sausage from The Olio Cookery Book.

20170801_103833The Olio Cookery Book has been through many editions.  I haven’t been able to discover when it was first published, but my edition, the 14th, dates to the very early 1920s.  It was originally owned by Lorna Emery, of Nanaimo, BC.  Her house isn’t there anymore, and in fact, 2nd Street doesn’t even go as far as her house would have been anymore, unless they’ve changed the house numbers, but she only lived a kilometer or so from me.

365 Breakfast Dishes – A Breakfast Dish for Every Day in the Year was published in 1901.  Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Lemke, Table Talk, Boston Cooking School Magazine and Others are listed as contributors.




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