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vintage cookbook

Various Pumpkin Pie Variations

The picture above is a pumpkin patch in Sidney, British Columbia that I drive by most years in the fall.  I love how the field is almost entirely orange!  My pumpkin patch certainly doesn't look like that.  Sadly, this year... Continue Reading →


Turkey Dinner Menus

First off, for those of you wondering why an original 1980s Cabbage Patch Kid is carving my mother's Thanksgiving turkey.... well.... it's a long story about a long time family friend who doesn't live close enough to make it to... Continue Reading →

Today is my Blogiversary!!

Today is my first blogiversary, and if I'd been thinking, I'd have planned a bloggable dinner party to celebrate!  I did have a few family members over for dinner on the weekend, but didn't cook anything blog-worthy, so today is... Continue Reading →

English Crumpets

Since finally finding crumpet rings, I've been on a quest for the PERFECT crumpet recipe, so I always find it a bit ironic when I find crumpet recipes that don't require crumpet rings.  The recipe for English Crumpets in The... Continue Reading →

Pork Croquettes

After a pork roast, we had some leftover meat, and while my usual way to use it up after we get tired of cold meat sandwiches is to make a pulled barbecue pork for hot sandwiches, I decided it was... Continue Reading →

Quality Apple Pie

I'm busy these days using up the apples from my tree.  September means an apple for the teacher for a good reason - so many different kinds of apples are ripe just as school is starting up!  My tree is... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Squares – AKA Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo Bars are kind of a big deal here in Nanaimo, so whenever we have guests from out of country, Nanaimo bars are sure to be served.  In my family, it's usually my job to make them, since even though... Continue Reading →

Home-Made Wines

I have never made any home-made wine, and I don't plan to start anytime soon, but I thought I'd share a few recipes from a little book about wine making I have.   Despite it's title, this little volume has... Continue Reading →

Slapjack Sandwiches

Slapjack Sandwiches, while pretty basic, are quick and easy and not bad at all.  They are featured in the Teen-age and Junior Cooks section of the Vancouver Sun's 10th Annual Cook Book, but we've had them a couple of times... Continue Reading →

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