Cream of Banana Soup

This soup sounds horrible to me.  And while it might make sense if it was being suggested as a quick lunch for the kids, especially on a day the kids were being particularly obnoxious, it’s being suggested as part of a swanky New Year’s party menu.  Seriously!


They don’t tell us what Celery Knobs are, but yes, that Candle Salad is the one with upright bananas dripping mayo in a rather disturbing manner.  Christmas Recipes and Menus of The Home Service Department, 1926, also had some decorating advice.




  1. Oh my gosh! I’m with you, that Banana soup sounds quite yucky. Ha ha. Especially when I saw it was cream of chicken… Oooooooo.

    That centerpiece is quite detailed. I bet in its day, it was quite a big event to put that all together. 😊

    I’d like to know how they did Ice Cream Clocks. Bet that was neat. I love when you post these things. Definitely a different day in 1926. 😊😊


      • Yes, I love that too, and I really like their entirely different way of going about things. Thriftyness and sticking to a budget were things to take pride in. Making things last, repairing, repurposing, and managing without were just part of everyday life for most people. A very different mind set that perhaps we should learn from. But still no to the banana soup!


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